Why expertise and experience matters

Reliable Scaffolding in Truro

Stobbs Scaffolding is a family-owned and operated scaffolding firm in Truro committed to delivering reliable and efficient solutions for your upcoming project.

Since 2018, we’ve provided premium scaffolding services to clients, building a solid reputation based on our commitment to excellence, safety and client satisfaction.

Our core mission is to design, build and manage high-quality scaffolding for commercial, industrial and residential clients in Truro. Whether you’re embarking on a large-scale commercial project, building a 40-home development, or simply refreshing your windows with a new coat of paint, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

We know our clients want a complete and bespoke service that gives them everything they want, and we are committed to delivering exactly that. Our team will work closely with you, considering factors like project specifications, timelines and budget, to ensure the delivery of secure and befitting scaffolding solutions.

In addition to our core services, we proudly specialise in facilitating the installation of solar panels, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Choosing Stobbs Scaffolding means picking a local, family-owned business that truly understands your needs. We provide a personalised service and take full accountability and responsibility for our work. With our extensive expertise and deep roots in the industry, we are the wise choice for all your scaffolding needs in Truro.





Our Services


Stobbs Scaffolding is a family business. We apply family values to the way we run our business. Wise customers benefit from this approach. It means sensitivity to customers’ needs, personal service, accountability and responsibility.


In the business of property development reputation is paramount.
When Stobbs Scaffolding is engaged on a project we understand the vital importance of meeting schedules and delivering within budget.


Does size matter? Stobbs Scaffolding is a local business. But we are happy to compete against the biggest national companies to provide large scale scaffolding projects in the industrial environment.

Solar Panel Installation

We know that renewable energy and solar have a very bright future.
We entered this sector of the market early and have adopted a set of practices that are efficient, effective and will power your project to completion by the deadline.

Shrink Wrapping

Why not ask about shrink wrapping? It’s our new, elegant and tidy way to protect your site from the weather so that your project can meet its deadline and you can increase security. Shrink wrapping is environmentally-friendly because it is 100% recyclable. If you are running a company at the site you can add giant graphics promoting your business.

Temporary Roof Scaffolds

Stobbs Scaffolding also provides temporary roof scaffolds for roof replacement
and top floor extension projects.

Bespoke and Accountable
As a reputable scaffolding firm serving Truro, we are committed to delivering unparalleled reliability and efficiency for your upcoming project. Opting for Stobbs Scaffolding signifies opting for a local, family-owned establishment that values and understands your needs. We take great pride in offering a personalised touch, assuming complete accountability for our work. With a profound industry presence and extensive knowledge, we stand as the wise choice for all your scaffolding needs in Cornwall.